The Story of Smitty Sauce

Smitty Sauce has been around for 30+ years and was perfected by my father in law John P Smith.  He started making Smitty Sauce in 1990 and continued delivering small batches to friends and family for 32 years. He passed the recipe down to my wife and I in 2022.  In honor of him we added the JP to the name and JP Smitty Sauce was born.  We started out small with a few single batches and a social media post and quickly realized that there was a huge demand for this amazing everything sauce.

 Initially we branded it with a tag line "Great on Chicken Ribs & Pizza" but quick feedback from our customers and countless pictures of the sauce in action we changed the labels and our tag line became "Great on Just About Everything". We decided after a few months that one flavor wasn't enough and we added a HOT version to pair with the Sweet or Original style.

We will continue to focus on bringing a great flavorful product to market that is good on EVERYTHING.  The Gill Family is so excited to carry on this amazing tradition and once you try it you will be hooked, we promise.  

Jason & Laura Gill